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We Pride Ourselves on Ensuring You Receive a Fair Shake

At Joshua P. Stein Law, we believe in resolving family law disputes in the most equitable manner possible. As a divorce lawyer in Indianapolis, Mr. Stein understands that divorce is never a fun experience. In fact, many divorces are contentious, stressful affairs for his clients. Mr. Stein prides himself on finding sensible solutions to the problems that commonly come up during divorces. His primary interest is in ensuring that you receive a fair settlement in the event the proceedings become irrational, and in ensuring the best interests of any children caught in the middle are protected.

lawyer going over case with client

Mr. Stein is an Even-Keeled Divorce Lawyer in Indianapolis

Sometimes each spouse thinks about divorce a win/loss scenario. While that is understandable, Mr. Stein believes that representing your interests means ensuring a fair result for his client. That means asking you and your spouse to work together to divide any property and settle without going to court. In Indiana, most courts seek to mediate an even 50/50 split. However, Mr. Stein is a good negotiator and can beat them to the punch. If negotiations fail, Joshua P. Stein Law will be a strong ally in court, ensuring that you receive the support you need throughout the proceedings.

Joshua P. Stein Law is Committed to the Welfare of Children

When children are involved, Mr. Stein wants you to understand that he is committed to protecting children, all of whom are innocent bystanders in the process. He has been a guardian ad litem in the courts, which is a person charged with looking out for the children’s best interests whenever they are involved in civil proceedings and is active in numerous children’s charities.

Big-Firm Services at Small-Firm Prices